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American Girl (2023)

A disenfranchised Chicana worker receives the golden ticket to a TV talent show where she must compete against her classically beautiful idol against deadly high stakes and a cash prize as America’s newest sensation.

American Girl - Photo 2 copy.tif

Directed by Andrea Riba / Written by Andrea Riba, Sofia Riba / Executive Produced by John Logan, Mario Sabatés / Music by Johnny Jewel / Original Score by Alexander Burke

Ethixxx of Desire (2023)

A new dominatrix faces a moral dilemma when a client requests the ultimate act of submission.

ethix 1.tif

Directed by Larena Danielle Winn, Elyse Winn / Written by Larena Danielle Winn / Produced by Andrea Riba, Sofia Riba / Director of Photography Andrea Riba / Music by Johnny Jewel, Desire, Mothermary, Pixel Grip, HERO / Starring JD Evermore

Child Actor (2023)

Looking to reconcile with her past, a Hollywood born and bred actress visits her younger self as a child actor under the wing of her toxic stage mom in order to understand the root of her lethal heart condition.

Child Actor - Still7.jpg

Directed by Andrea Riba / Written by Andrea Riba, Glume Harlow, Ryan Mcbride / Executive Produced by Jay Van Hoy, Kendalle Getty, Alexander Guez, Danny Hamouie / Produced by Natalie Blackman, Sofia Riba / Music by Glüme, Josh Hodges / Starring Riki Lindhome

Child Actor - Film Poster - Femina Films copy.png
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